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[Webinar] JETRO J-Bridge – Smart City : Fostering collaborations between Japanese Corporations & Australian startups

JETRO J-Bridge [スマートシティ] 日豪オープンイノベーションイベント

  • December 2021
  • Rachit Khosla

– Date/time: Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021 16:00-17:15 (AEDT) / 14:00-15:15 (JST)

– Language: English/Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)

– Format: Online Seminar

– Participation fee: Free of charge

– Registration:

IGPI Advisory

***Japanese follows***

J-Bridge [Smart City]
~ Fostering collaborations between Japanese corporations & Australian startups ~

After the successful launch of J-Bridge’s Australian edition in Oct’21, IGPI is pleased to support JETRO with the upcoming up sector-focused J-Bridge event for Smart Cities for our Japanese and Australian audience. The event aims to touch upon the importance as well as opportunities in the Smart City theme between Japanese corporates and innovative Australian companies from the perspective of diverse stakeholders.

Smart Cities is an ocean in itself and has many sub-segments under this umbrella term. The highlight of the event will be the pitching sessions from handpicked Australian startups representing various sub-segments that are interested in exploring collaboration (business/technical/financial) with Japanese corporates for markets including Japan, Australia and beyond.

– Date/time: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 16:00-17:15 (AEDT) / 14:00-15:15 (JST) 
– Format: Zoom Online Seminar
– Participation fee: Free of charge
– Language: English/Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)
– Speaker organizations: JETRO Sydney, KDDI Asia Pacific, Powerledger, icetana Ltd, KERB, PAM (Mediabank), Digital Keys

– Event hosts: JETRO Sydney’s Masaki Takahara (MD) and IGPI Australia’s Rachit Khosla (Country Manager)

– Registration:

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J-Bridge [スマートシティ]

『J-Bridge』は、DXを加速させるために国境を越えたオープンイノベーションを支援するJETROが、IGPI Australia協力のもと、今年10月に立ち上げたビジネスプラットフォームです。


  – 日 時:2021年12月7日(火)  16:00-17:15 (AEDT)/14:00-15:15 (JST)
  – 形式:ZOOMオンラインセミナー
  – 費用:無料
  – 言語:日英(同時通訳)
  – 登壇企業(予定):JETRO Sydney, KDDI Asia Pacific, Powerledger, icetana Ltd, KERB, PAM (Mediabank), Digital Keys
  – 主催 : Masaki Takahara ( JETRO Sydney MD) ,  Rachit Khosla (IGPI Australia Country Manager)
  – 詳細・申し込み:

#openinnovation #DX #JBridge #Startups #japan #australia #smartcity #smartcities