Financial due diligence service in Singapore

  • To maintain confidence in the valuation and business plan provided by the Target, investors adopt financial and commercial due diligence to validate their understanding of the Target prior to a transaction. IGPI offers both commercial and financial due diligence services in Singapore.
  • Our financial due diligence service in Singapore constitutes an investigation of the Target’s financials including business risks, cash flow, historical financial performance, working capital requirements to highlight potential financial risks and deal-breakers to the buyer. The quality of assets and quality of earnings are examined alongside business risks to help buyers evaluate their targets.
  • Commercial due diligence investigates the Target’s key revenue drivers such as market drivers and restraints, recent regulatory changes, Target’s market position vis-à-vis competition and forecast demand. This allows investors to validate assumptions used in the business plan, as well as risks in valuation provided by Target.

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