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[Webinar] Post-job-specified employment that “doesn’t stop at demonstration” in the Asian DX era

アジアDX時代における「実証だけで終わらない」ポストジョブ型雇用 ー「現場」で見た、人材とスタートアップの実情と理想のかい離ー

  • August 2021
  • Kohki Sakata

Date/time: Thursday, August 26, 2021 17:00~18:00 (JST)

Format: Online Seminar

Language: Japanese

Participation fee: Free of charge


IGPI Advisory

***English follows***

           ~「現場」で見た、人材とスタートアップの実情と理想のかい離 ~



  -日時:2021年8月26(木)17:00~18:00 (日本時間)
  -登壇者:IGPIシンガポールCEO 坂田幸樹、Sagri Bengaluru CSO 永田賢氏、スローガン(株)共同創業者・名古屋大学客員教授 織田一彰氏


 [Webinar] Post-job-specified employment that “doesn’t stop at demonstration” in the Asian DX era
~ The gap between the reality and the ideal of human resources and startups ~

In the past few years, companies have been actively expanding into the Asian market, especially in Southeast Asia and India, and the growth rate, which slowed down due to Covid-19, is expected to make a V-shaped recovery in the future. At the same time, however, it is true that there are still many challenges in human resources and startup collaborations. In addition, with restrictions on overseas travel, post-job-specified employment is becoming popular, and we can now work with people from any country via the Internet.

During the seminar, professionals with business experience in multiple Southeast Asian countries and those currently living in India will delve into what strategies and specific actions should be taken for co-creation between human resources and startups in this Asian DX era.

  -Date/time: Thursday, August 26, 2021 17:00~18:00(JST)
  -Speakers: Koki Sakata (IGPI Singapore CEO), Satoshi Nagata (Sagri Bengaluru CSO), Kazuaki Oda (Co-founder of Slogan Inc. / Nagoya University Guest Professor)
  -Format: Zoom Online Seminar
  -Language: Japanese
  -Participation fee: Free of charge