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IGPI Singapore partners with KK Fund to create new businesses in Southeast Asia

Singapore, November 6, 2020

  • November 2020
  • By Kohki Sakata (Chief Executive Officer, IGPI Singapore)

Industrial Growth Platform Pte. Ltd. (IGPI Singapore) has partnered with KK Investment Management Pte. Ltd. (KK Fund) in order to support new businesses creation of large corporations in Southeast Asia.

IGPI Advisory

Since its establishment in 2015, the KK Fund is a venture capital firm that has invested in more than 20 mobility and internet-related startups in Southeast Asia. By investing in startups in a wide range of industries such as FinTech, logistics, and healthcare from the seed stage and providing hands-on support to the founders, KK Fund has contributed to increasing the value of many startups.

In Southeast Asia, there are many cross-industry business opportunities where the development of social infrastructure and the consolidation of SMEs are urgent issues. IGPI Singapore and KK Fund will support the creation of new businesses in Southeast Asia by combining IGPI’s corporate transformation (CX) know-how of large companies and KK Fund’s startup support know-how. In addition to supporting individual projects, we plan together to launch the SEA Point program as a platform for large companies to create new businesses in collaboration with Southeast Asian startups and conglomerates.

Overview of KK Investment Management Pte. Ltd.
Main Business: Venture capital business in Southeast Asia
Date of Establishment: October, 2015
Representative: Koichi Saito, Representative Director

Kohki Sakata
Tel: +65-8168-2503

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