Our USPs

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We understand business
IGPI is not “just another” management consulting company. In addition to providing high quality business advisory to  clients, IGPI has made more than 30 of its own investments across Asia (up to a few million dollars each!) This gives IGPI a unique edge in getting first hand entrepreneurial understanding of successfully steering businesses and combating the roadblocks in the journey. IGPI applies its real world knowledge and perspectives to provide realistic recommendations to the C-suite.

End-to-End Support

We have all the tools that your business needs
IGPI doesn’t believe in “one size fits all”. It has deep competencies in solving unique business problems of its clients at all stages of its journey. This is made possible by aligning various professional human resources having diversity of skillsets, qualifications and backgrounds to come together to address complex challenges of business management. IGPI’s staff has the ability to make realistic integrated contributions and not sell bookish knowledge to its clientele.

Think Global. Act Local.

We understand most Asian markets
It is a known fact that over the last decades, the emerging markets of Asia have gained immense significance. The “western world” solutions and approaches are not sufficient to navigate through the local Asian challenges. Furthermore, although it is easy on paper to group emerging markets based on macro-indicators, the ground realities and characteristics of these markets can be largely different within Asia. IGPI understands these commonalities and differences across Asian markets and is strongly positioned to steer its clients with apt and customized advisory to realize their business ambitions across Asia.