Our Background

Industrial Growth Platform Inc. (IGPI) is a premier Japanese business advisory firm with presence and coverage across Asian markets. IGPI was established by former members of Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan (IRCJ) in 2007. IRCJ, a USD 100bn Japanese sovereign wealth fund, is known as one of the most successful turn-around fund supported by the Japanese government. IGPI Singapore was established in 2013 to focus on business and M&A advisory in South East Asia.  IGPI has proudly supported the revitalization of numerous Japanese companies by realistic business planning, execution, monitoring, and even investment as a business sponsor in both voluntary and compulsory liquidation proceedings. IGPI capitalizes on its rich knowledge and deep rooted networks in Asian markets to provide high quality advice to help Fortune 500s and large MNCs enter and grow in Asian markets. IGPI prides itself on its depth of experience as well as diversity of human capital to support its clients during all stages and situations of their business.  
IGPI provides strategic thinking and hand-on support for all stages of new business development, from planning to launch. We can also offer financial assistance through start-up investment.For businesses seeking growth, we develop frameworks for new services, overseas expansion and other strategies to accelerate and sustain growth. If M&A is part of that process, we provide integrated services spanning planning, implementation and PMI.When companies need a breakthrough, IGPI provides rigorous, thinking and incisive ideas, capturing growth opportunities through business portfolio review, structural improvements, and sale and operational innovation. As part of the process, we also provide integrated M&A advisory services for businesses and subsidiaries.If your business stands at the crossroad, IGPI can provide critical input on business and financial strategy, supporting business regeneration with realistic planning, effective implementation and detailed monitoring, IGPI can also invest as a business sponsor, sharing medium to long- term risk while implementing at the front line.
Unlike traditional consulting firms, IGPI can boldly ‘walk the talk’ by not only sending business, financial, tax and legal professionals end to provide on-site support for its clients, but also making principal investments based on their business requirements.