Our Investments

Over the past few years, IGPI has made a number of investments across promising companies. These investments vary by sector as well as scale. Select examples of investments are as follow:
DateSectorInvesteeInvestee’s HQPress release
2019 IT ACES, Inc. Tokyo, Japan 
2019 Technology Homura Heavy Industries Iwate, Japan 
2018 Technology Tohoku Magnet Institute Miyagi, Japan 
2018 Medical & Bio technologyAc-Planta Inc. Tokyo, Japan 
2017 Technology Oscar Technology Corporation Tokyo, Japan 
2016 Technology nCore Communications, Inc. California, USA 
2015 Technology Unifinity Inc. Tokyo, Japan 
2014 Entertainment Beijing CHIC-Pia International Culture Development Co., Ltd. Bejing, China 
2011EntertainmentKKBOX Inc.Taiwan, China
2010 ManufacturingIkegai CorporationIbaraki, Japan–