Digital Transformation (DX)

  • Digital Transformation (DX) is a widely discussed theme and focusses on integrating digital technologies across all areas of a business to essentially change how a business operates as well as delivers value to its customers.
  • The VUCA world that we live in, became more “VUCA-ed” ever since the pandemic hit and it opened up new avenues for digital transformation in organizations. A business has many moving parts (e.g. procurement, supply chain, finance etc.) and the pandemic made many of these parts as well as the operating environment for the businesses hungry for change and this where DX comes in.
  • IGPI has created a strong niche for itself in the area of digital transformation services in terms of strategy and execution – both at an industry level as well as a business function level.
  • IGPI’s clients for digital transformation services range from large conglomerates, trading houses to single-industry, best-in class corporations to SMEs. It is common to work on engagements between Japan, ASEAN and in some cases wider APAC region (e.g. Australia) especially while supporting large clients.

How can IGPI support new business creation using DX?

  • Every organization is unique in terms of their experiences, ambitions and organizational culture. As a result, DX ambitions can vary considerably across businesses. For some, they may have a concrete view on their transformation goals while for others it may just be a buzzword. Therefore, IGPI usually starts with candid discussions about the envisaged problem statement, a clear opportunity, or an aspirational goal that the client’s C-suite.
  • As an example of a form of DX, IGPI supports select clients with creation of new businesses. The clients can be at diverse stages of their journey. For some, creating a new business using DX may be just a bullet in their mid-term plans while for others, they have narrowed down focus areas and want to find complimentary external capabilities. Some many want to (re)define market issues, trends and opportunities in their existing industries while others may be looking at creating new businesses in adjacent ones. IGPI deeply understands these nuances and consciously doesn’t apply any “cookie-cutter” solutions while serving its clients.