Japan market entry strategy

  • For many companies, Japan remains a large but difficult-to-penetrate market due to language, regulatory and cultural complexities. Being a consulting firm with headquarters in Tokyo, IGPI can support your entry into the Japanese market with strong local support, deep insights of the market and strong network of connection.
  • To ensure a successful entry into the Japanese market, strong local partners and market understanding is crucial. With over a decade of experience since founding, our expertise in Japanese market entry strategy enables clients to make informed decisions based on valuable first-hand information. 

How can IGPI’s Japan market entry strategy assist your business?

As a well-regarded advisor in Japan, IGPI has access to a wide network of partners and have assisted numerous Southeast Asian clients establish partnerships with Japanese companies. For example, we have helped a Singapore-branded health food chain establish their concept in Japan through market analysis and partner introduction through our expertise in Japan market entry strategy.

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