Succession planning service Singapore

  • Succession planning is a challenging yet necessary process for many family-run businesses. In order to effectively manage financial, legal, tax and emotional complexities relating to such a process, IGPI’s team of professionals can help you to formulate and implement a customized succession strategy.
  • IGPI can support you to formulate a strategy through our succession planning service in Singapore that addresses key questions such as:
    • Who are the key stakeholders (i.e. family members)
    • What is your vision alongside that of other stakeholders
    • Who should the business be transferred to (e.g. within family or outside)
    • What is the appropriate level of corporate governance required
    • What are the potential issues which might arise out of the transfer (e.g. tax)
  • As such a process involves business and family, IGPI can assist you as an independent yet understanding advisor to navigate the complexities.

Professional and insightful succession planning services in Singapore

IGPI has effectively assisted numerous clients with their succession planning services throughout Singapore, Japan and beyond. Approaching the subject with a strong sense of professionalism, expert knowledge and tactful attitude, IGPI can assist you in navigating the often-complex questions surrounding succession strategies. Enquire today to discover how our succession planning services in Singapore can help you be prepared for any potential situation regarding your business. <<Back