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[Webinar] Trial for Joint Program with IE Business School, the World’s No. 1 Online MBA Program

オンラインMBA世界1位のIEビジネススクール共同プログラム ミニ体験セミナー

  • July 2021
  • Kohki Sakata

Date/time: Tuesday, July 27, 2021 9:30-10:00(SGT) OR Friday, July 30, 2021 13:00-13:30(SGT)

Format: Online Seminar

Language: Japanese

Participation fee: Free of charge


IGPI Advisory

***English follows***

『オンラインMBA世界1位のIEビジネススクール 共同プログラム ミニ体験セミナー』

海外MBA派遣や海外での研修施策の代替として、海外のトップMBAスクールの教授による特別講義に加え現在アジアで戦略・ベンチャーキャピタル・グローバル人材育成の支援をしている3社のプロ実務家よるハンズオントレーニングを組み合わせた、グローバル×デジタルリーダー育成を推進する「IE x SEA Point エグゼクティブエデュケーションプログラム」の実施を2021年10月に予定しております。


  -日時:2021727日(火) 10:30-11:00 (日本時間 GMT+9)  または  2021年7月30日(金) 14:00~14:30 (日本時間 GMT+9)
  -講演者:IGPIシンガポール 坂田幸樹、KK Fund 斉藤 晃一氏、アル―株式会社 羽鳥 丈太氏


 [Webinar] Trial for Joint Program with IE Business School, the World’s No. 1 Online MBA Program

As an alternative to sending overseas MBAs and overseas training programs, we are planning to introduce the “IE x SEA Point Executive Education Program” in October 2021 to promote the development of global x digital leaders by combining special lectures by professors from the top overseas MBA school with hands-on training by professional practitioners from three companies that are currently supporting strategy, venture capital, and global human resource development in Asia.

In this webinar, in addition to explaining the contents of the program, you will be able to experience a part of the program in a simplified manner.

  -Date/time: Tuesday, July 27, 2021 9:30-10:00(SGT)  OR  Friday, July 30, 2021 13:00-13:30(SGT)
  -Speakers: Koki Sakata (IGPI Singapore), Koichi Saito (KK Fund), Jota Hatori (Alue)
  -Format: Online Seminar
  -Language: Japanese
  -Participation fee: Free of charge
  -Target: Those involved in training planning and implementation, such as HR and education departments; those in charge of HR and HR development at Japanese companies that have overseas offices or are planning to establish overseas offices; and those in charge of new business development, corporate planning, DX promotion, overseas business or overseas business investment.