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[Online Talking Event] Three Companies in Southeast Asia that Japanese Should Know Now


  • November 2023
  • Kohki Sakata

- Date/time: Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 19:00~20:00 (JST)
- Format: Online Zoom
- Language: Japanese only
- Participation fee: Free of charge
- Registration:

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発展著しい東南アジア— 中でもDXの分野においては、日本企業よりもはるかに先進的な取り組みをしている企業が増えています。DXの最先端といえば米国や中国を思い浮かべがちですが、実は東南アジアには、GAFAMよりも日本企業にとって真似しやすく、学びの多い企業がいくつもあります。
IGPIシンガポール取締役CEO 坂田幸樹著『デジタル・フロンティア 米中に日本企業が勝つための「東南アジア発・新しいDX戦略」』の出版を記念した本イベントでは、東南アジアを中心にDXの最新事情を紹介するとともに、東南アジアで特に目立った成果を挙げている「3つの企業」に焦点を当て、それらから得た学びをどの様にして日本のDXに活用すべきかを解説します。

– 日時: 2023年11月15日(水) 19:00~20:00 (JST)
– 主催: PHP研究所『THE21』編集部
– 登壇者: IGPI共同経営者・IGPIシンガポール取締役CEO 坂田幸樹
– 形式: Zoom
– 言語: 日本語
– 費用: 無料(事前登録制)
– 申し込み:


Online Talking Event

“Three Companies in Southeast Asia that Japanese Should Know Now”

Southeast Asia is growing at a remarkable speed. Especially in the field of DX, an increasing number of companies are taking far more advanced initiatives than Japanese companies. When it comes to the cutting edge of DX, we tend to think of the U.S. or China, but in fact, Southeast Asian companies have much more to learn for Japanese companies rather than GAFAM.

In this event to commemorate the publication of Digital Frontier: Leveraging DX Strategies from Southeast Asia for Japanese Budiness Sucess by Kohki Sakata, CEO of IGPI Singapore, he will introduce the latest developments in DX with a focus on Southeast Asia. He will also highlight three companies in Southeast Asia that have achieved particularly remarkable results, and explain how the learnings from these companies can be applied to DX in Japanese business.

[Details of the event]  
– Date/time: Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 19:00~20:00 (JST)
– Hosted by: PHP Institute, Inc. THE21 Editorial Department 
– Speaker: Kohki Sakata, IGPI Partner & IGPI SIngapore CEO
– Format: Zoom
– Language: Japanese only
– Fee: Free of charge (Prior registration is required.)
– Registration: